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Gilnockie Inspection Ltd. recently became part of Effigis Geo-Solutions Inc., a 100% Canadian-based and owned global provider of geospatial intelligence-driven solutions. This change brings forth opportunities for our clients in terms of delivery capacity, scope of services, and innovation.

As part of this acquisition, we will take on the name of Effigis Geo-Solutions starting November 1, 2019. By proudly teaming up with the world-class organization Effigis Geo-Solutions, we are poised to let our innovation and expertise shine in the Canadian energy and telecommunications industries from coast to coast.” 

- Mike Honeyman, President of HMI and GIL


Pole testing and treatments that utilize state of the art preservatives.


The installation of steel trusses can be a cost-saving alternative to pole replacement.



A complete field inventory designed to meet your needs for accurate asset information.




Founded by Neil Whieldon in 1995 and acquired by Mike Honeyman and Kerry Morris in 2016, Gilnockie has earned a reputation for safe, reliable, and cost effective pole maintenance services. We have established a solid client base in western Canada and continue to expand the scope of our services.


In May 2019 Gilnockie was acquired by Effigis Geo Solutions Inc, a leader in geospatial information for more than 25 years. As part of its comprehensive geo-referenced asset management program, Effigis has been providing pole inspection and structural engineering services for many years. This fits well with the services currently provided by Gilnockie and will immediately increase our capacity to service our clients with new and exciting technologies.


We are looking forward to sharing this change and the opportunities it brings with our clients!

Why Gilnockie?

Gilnockie specializes in infrastructure management services for power utilities. We will work to meet your specific needs by developing an asset management program for your system, or provide assistance in improving your preventative maintenance program.

A well planned and executed asset management program can extend the life of your infrastructure, reduce the costs associated with pole replacement and decrease your liabilities.



A safe and healthy workplace is a fundamental right and a business imperative. Our goal at Gilnockie is to ensure the continued safety of our workers, visitors to our operations, and the public.

Gilnockie strives to continually improve our safety culture, building a program that reduces risk through best practices, improved work procedures, and changes in safety policies.

We care about our employees, customers, and communities, and strive to bring a safe and healthy approach to all that we do.